Our mission is to reduce trauma to child abuse victims.  We coordinate a professional, multidisciplinary approach that provides assessment, treatment, and education in a safe, child-friendly environment.

The Center is a non-profit organization serving the families of Rogers, Craig and Mayes Counties and is comprised of those entities concerned with the well-being of our children.

In recognition of the need to treat children humanely and with dignity, the Center coordinates a team approach to the investigation, prosecution, and treatment of child abuse.  Law enforcement officers, physicians, child protection workers, victim advocates, therapists and prosecutors work together to meet the needs of children and their families.

The Center provides investigation, intervention, education, treatment and support services in a nurturing environment. This cooperative approach improves the recovery of the child and promotes an effective, thorough investigation.  Children victimized by physical and sexual abuse deserve a response that recognizes their special needs.  Only through such sensitivity can children begin the healing process.

 It is their right and our responsibility.

Historically, each agency has operated independently, often duplicating efforts, which resulted in unnecessary trauma for the child.  By unifying our efforts we are able to coordinate instead of duplicate.


  • Recognize and respond to the child’s needs
  • Create a safe atmosphere in a child-friendly setting
  • Reduce the number of interviews the child must undergo
  • Coordinate the activities of agency professionals
  • Address and help meet the needs of the victim’s family


  • Promotion of the healing process
  • Reduction of trauma for all involved
  • Improved investigations